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Thread: Sean Spence

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    Sean Spence

    I saw Sean Spence play while he played at Northwestern High School his senior year....and the kid was in on almost every single play. His motor does not stop. Heart of a champion. He is explosive to the ball and is quick to come off blocks. He is a bit undersized, but the kid can play. I am a little bias because Im a Canes fan, but because of where we pick in the draft and our need for LBers, I would LOVE to see this kid in Blue..... Sean Spence (If you don't like 2 Live Crew"esque" music, hit the mute button)

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    Re: Sean Spence

    Is he Sam Spence's son???
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    Re: Sean Spence

    He wont be drafted by the giants, doesnt fit what they look for in defensive players.

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