We're you as surprized as I was that noone even brought Tiki into camp and played him in preseason?His twin is still playing.He is a very low mileage 36 yo rb who retired at the top of his game.Yet,not one team even extended a no risk,high reward invite to camp to even see if he had anything to offer.Hey,he's persona non grata to every Giant fan,but what did other teams have to lose inviting him to camp?I'm sure he would've accepted the veteran minimum from anyone who would've given him a chance.Say what you will about Tiki,but he was a great RB who at 32 was among the best RB's in the NFL.To think that no NFL team took a no risk flier to possibly catch lightning in a bottle is shocking to me.Geez,think about it.Teams bring dozens of unknown FA's into camp.Noone even gave Tiki a looksee.Yeah,32 year old RB's are done at 36.But what if they didn't play for those 4 years.Seems worth a no cost look in camp for someone,huh?I guess he burnt all NFL bridges,not just the Giants bridge.Tiki,the evil twin.Put a fumanchu on him.