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    2009 Draft Class

    We all know that it takes a few years to see how well a player will do in the NFL. So I thought it would be interesting to go back and give the Giants 2009 draft class grades based on their performance in the past 3 years. Any player no longer on the team I gave an automatic F.

    Round 1: Hakeem Nicks, WR: A+
    3,034 yards and 24 TDs in 3 years, 'nuff said

    2: Clint Sintim, LB: B-
    Sat most of 2009, had a decent 2010, but then missed 2011 due to injury. Probably still a little early to judge him.

    2: Will Beatty, OT: B
    Has played decent in games he's started, but has struggled with injuries. Some have questioned whether he's tough enough to be a our starting left tackle, but right now he seems to be our left tackle of the future. However, he'll need to show some improvement next year to solidify a starting spot on the o-line.

    3: Ramses Barden, WR: D
    Has yet to break 100 yards in a season. Training camp this year could be his final chance to prove himself. If he doesn't impress the coaches in August he could very well fail to make the team.

    3: Travis Beckum, TE: B
    Has been a solid back-up TE, particularly as a blocker.

    4: Andre Brown, RB: D-
    Was injured in 2009, failed to make the team in 2010 and bounced around the league, now back on the Giants practice squad. Any player that is no longer on the team I'm giving an F, but because he's back on the practice squad I upgraded his grade slightly. But on the plus side, he came up with the "I Got a Ring" song.

    5: Rhett Bomar, QB: F
    No longer on the Giants, currently on the Oakland Raiders

    6: DeAndre White, CB: F
    No longer on the Giants, currently a free agent after being cut from the Browns practice squad in 2010 and not playing in 2011

    7: Stoney Woodson, CB: F
    No longer in the NFL, currently in the AFL

    Overall: B, Reese struck gold with Hakeem Nicks, he's a top 5 WR. The other top few picks have had some injury issues but (except Barden) have been solid but not spectacular when they play. I can't blame Reese for the last few guys failing to make the team, the later rounds are a crap shoot, so any production you get from rounds 5-7 I consider to be a bonus.

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    Re: 2009 Draft Class

    all the 2nd-4th round picks have had serious injury issues.

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    Re: 2009 Draft Class

    Nicks - agree

    Sintim - more of a bust type guy C-/D range

    Beatty - B/C range. slightly lower than you say. hasnt had any real consistent production over any stretch in his career

    Barden - C+ had to get this guy with the upside on draft day but hasnt really panned out. still can be average #3 tho.

    Beckum - agree

    I agree with ur statement on rounds 5-7

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    Re: 2009 Draft Class

    Not a very impressive draft class:

    Nicks A+

    Sintim F (he's done absolutely nothing and won't be on the team for '12-'13)

    Beatty: B- (room for improvement. Pretty good against the pass, not so much against the run. The line got better with Diehl back at LT. Overall, I don't think he's going to get much better and we need better work at LT. Could be a good back-up.)

    Barden F (hasn't done anything).

    Beckum C- (hasn't done much except catch a few passes. Blocking stinks.)

    Brown through Woodson were all F's.

    I love JR, but 2009 was not a great draft. Oh well, can't win 'em all. And for the guys that have been injured -- well, they've been injured quite a bit, so that doesn't say too much about them.

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    Re: 2009 Draft Class

    Sintim has got to be a D.

    Beatty is our starting LT, and may be for the next 10 years. . .as much as nobody wants to say it. I'd give him a B.

    Barden comes from the time when we all thought Eli needed TALL receivers. LMAO. He's a D, but in all fairness to JR, he couldn't have known that.

    Beckum gets a C-. I don't care what round he was drafted in, he's severely underperformed.

    We have to remember that this draft was before the current CBA, which basically mandated that all draftees make the team (see last season). This is because only drafted players are now cap-friendly.

    Reese will shine in the next five years, I predict.

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    Re: 2009 Draft Class

    I think overall the 2009 draft was weak, however we definitely missed in the second round where we had 2 2nd round picks.

    I don't know why we were off in 2009, but take a look at some of the players that were drafted in the round that we could've choosen. Could've McCoy (or Max Unger at C for that matter) with our first pick in the round and Sean Smith with the second pick! Hindsight is 20/20 I guess.

    2 33 Detroit Lions Louis Delmas S Western Michigan MAC
    2 34 New England Patriots Patrick Chung S Oregon Pac-10 from Kansas City [R2 - 1]
    2 35 St. Louis Rams James Laurinaitis LB Ohio State Big Ten
    2 36 Cleveland Browns Brian Robiskie WR Ohio State Big Ten
    2 37 Denver Broncos Alphonso Smith CB Wake Forest ACC from Seattle [R2 - 2]
    2 38 Cincinnati Bengals Rey Maualuga LB USC Pac-10
    2 39 Jacksonville Jaguars Eben Britton OT Arizona Pac-10
    2 40 New England Patriots Ron Brace DT Boston College ACC from Oakland [R2 - 3]
    2 41 New England Patriots Darius Butler CB Connecticut Big East from Green Bay [R2 - 4]
    2 42 Buffalo Bills Jairus Byrd† S Oregon Pac-10
    2 43 Carolina Panthers Everette Brown DE Florida State ACC from San Francisco [R2 - 5]
    2 44 Miami Dolphins Pat White QB West Virginia Big East from Washington [R2 - 6]
    2 45 New York Giants Clint Sintim LB Virginia ACC from New Orleans [R2 - 7]
    2 46 Houston Texans Connor Barwin DE Cincinnati Big East
    2 47 Oakland Raiders Michael Mitchell S Ohio MAC from San Diego via New England [R2 - 8] [R2 - 9]
    2 48 Denver Broncos Darcel McBath S Texas Tech Big 12
    2 49 Seattle Seahawks Max Unger C Oregon Pac-10 from Chicago[R2 - 10]
    2 50 Cleveland Browns Mohamed Massaquoi WR Georgia SEC from Tampa Bay [R2 - 11]
    2 51 Buffalo Bills Andy Levitre G Oregon State Pac-10 from Dallas [R2 - 12]
    2 52 Cleveland Browns David Veikune DE Hawai?i WAC from New York Jets [R2 - 13]
    2 53 Philadelphia Eagles LeSean McCoy† RB Pittsburgh Big East
    2 54 Minnesota Vikings Phil Loadholt OT Oklahoma Big 12
    2 55 Atlanta Falcons William Moore S Missouri Big 12
    2 56 Indianapolis Colts Fili Moala DT USC Pac-10 from Miami [R2 - 14]
    2 57 Baltimore Ravens Paul Kruger DE Utah MWC
    2 58 New England Patriots Sebastian Vollmer OT Houston C-USA
    2 59 Carolina Panthers Sherrod Martin CB Troy Sun Belt
    2 60 New York Giants William Beatty OT Connecticut Big East
    2 61 Miami Dolphins Sean Smith CB Utah MWC from Indianapolis
    2 62 Tennessee Titans Sen'Derrick Marks DT Auburn SEC
    2 63 Arizona Cardinals Cody Brown DE Connecticut Big East
    2 64 Denver Broncos Richard Quinn TE North Carolina ACC from Pittsburgh [R2 - 15]

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    Re: 2009 Draft Class

    I had the most trouble with Sintim and Beatty. They've both had injury and consistency issues. I think they're both destined to be backups, but Beatty still has a shot to start.

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    Re: 2009 Draft Class

    [quote user="Warchild"]I think overall the 2009 draft was weak, however we definitely missed in the second round where we had 2 2nd round picks. ][/quote]

    If you look at it this way, you understand why...

    Sintim was the last of the top class of LB, after Sintim there was no other LB drafted until the 3rd round, with jason williams of the cowboys.

    Beatty was the last of the 2nd tier OTs, the next OT drafted was in the 4th round.

    What depresses me more is that the giants missed Mike Wallace by one pick in the 3rd.

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    Re: 2009 Draft Class

    Beckum is not a blocker

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    Re: 2009 Draft Class

    Yea Wallace in the 3rd instead of Barden would've been amazing!

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